Why does it seem so hard to apply for Paid Parental Leave?

How to understand all the rules of Paid Parental Leave & 

know the exact steps to follow to get the payments you're entitled to:

(So you don't end up throwing your computer at the wall!)

It seems to be in another language?
None of it makes any sense....

You've given it a shot but it all seems to written in another language. 

Or perhaps bub is already with you and you thought filling out forms would be as easy as it used to be. To top it off, none of it makes sense. 

Imagine this scenario: it's now very late at night and you've been sitting at your computer all evening - by now you've gotten a back ache. All you want to do is go to bed as you know you'll be up in a few hours with your delightful newborn. 

Despite the hours of sifting through the internet, your application for Paid Parental Leave is still a mess because you've been flipping back and forth from website to website, trying to work it out by yourself. However the more information you read, the less it makes sense and you're sooo tired!

The scary part is that you regularly completed tasks in your day job that were way more difficult than this! Yet this application has you completely defeated! 

How was that possible?!

What you desperately need is for someone to give you all the information in a way that makes it simple. 

Someone who could just say to you, 'do this, write that and most importantly, don't do this or you'll lose all your payments.'

You just want to follow a set of steps and get it done. There is too much else to be worrying about!

Introducing: Making Sense of Paid Leave

The eBook that will make your baby brain life so much easier. It will get you to where you need to be in this crucial phase of life: peaceful, financial organisation.  

Download the eBook for $17. 

  1. Get your application completed all online.
  2. Review the different tests and apply them to your situation.
  3. Understand how it affects your tax.
  4. Learn about  Dad & Partner Pay details.
  5. Stops wanting to pull your hair out!

Trying to get information means queuing up or being on hold for hours

You think you’re an organised person.

You know you can apply for Paid Parental Leave up to 90 days before your due date and since you’ve taken time off work, you've got lots of time to tick that off your to-do list.

Surely it can’t be that hard! You sit down at the computer, expecting to get it done in 15 minutes, but 2 hours later you’re still hacking through web page upon web page of information. 

‘But I was selecting Parenting Payments – isn’t that the same as Paid Parental Leave?’

‘Why oh why are they asking me for so much information, I don’t have this stuff handy.’

‘Oh it’s too hard. I’ll just go into Centrelink; it'll be much easier.’


Not to be outdone by a website, you squeeze foot to the pedal and cruise on into Centrelink - you and all 8.5 months of belly. They tell you to sit and wait and - it seems hours go by and when they finally call your name, they actually direct you to...... guess what....... to a computer to complete your application online. 

You dragged yourself off the couch for this!!!!!!

You've probably heard that going into Centrelink means queuing for ages just to ask a simple question. The alternative is to call them, wait on hold for 1 to 2 hours, and hope that your question is answered. I know I don't have that kind of spare time!

  • You just want someone to tell you what to do. You're exhausted, your brain is strained and the last thing you need is to  organise your finances. Out of curiosity, I surveyed several parents to work out who, of the 2 parents, tend to be the one processing the Paid Parental Leave application. 100% of the time it is exhausted Mum who ends up dealing with this. But, tell me, can you actually be bothered?
  • You don't want to waste time. Let's face it: there is so much to be done in preparation for Baby's arrival (and even more after you have given birth - trust me on that!) Why would you want to be wasting precious time on endless paperwork and trying to understand a complex system that you may have never used before?
  • You want to get it right in order to receive your payments. There are rules that you have to follow and there are tests that you have to meet in order to receive your payments. You don't want to find out that something you did inadvertently could cause your payments to stop. Most people don't realise that it's even a possibility!

This is how I can help you...

Who am I?

I’m Lisa - an accountant and a mum of two. When my son was born I remember staying up late trying to submit my application for Paid Parental Leave and I couldn’t understand why it was so damn difficult. I’m an Accountant, I should walk all over this! Turns out I’m not the only one who has been driven bloody mad trying to work it all out.

Second time around was much easier. I understood what I was doing and what I could do to get the best results for my situation. As time went on, I noticed that every time a friend was sharing their frustration with me about the Paid Parental Leave process, I realised that I was helping them with every step along the way. Sometimes it even saved them a trip into Centrelink.

With the feedback rolling in from my friends, and even my own husband, I began to see that I had a lot of knowledge on the subject but, more than that, I had a knack for making it...... simple. 

I've gone through the websites, expended hours researching it all and I have read the legislation. I now have the solution to avoid all the stress and drama with getting your application completed and get you the money that you are entitled to

That's where Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave come in for you - it is a trusted resource because you can:

  • 1
    Work out how to get set up online:  avoid stepping into Centrelink with long drawn out queues and prepare everything online: it will be a lifesaver! Detailed steps are provided how to register for myGov and how to submit your application form online.  
  • 2
    Really understand the rules:  Be in the know. Do you know if you qualify? Do you know how receiving Paid Parental Leave can affect your tax return? I've included lots of helpful tips and hints that apply to your situation  - the crucial things that no one bother to tell you. 
  • 3
    Dad & Partner Pay: is different to Paid Parental Leave. Here is a whole section explaining the rules involved with receiving Dad & Partner Pay - this way you can understand how it is different, how to receive it and what you need to do to qualify for it. 

When writing Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave, I didn't want it to be just about filling in an application form, it is more than that.

I want you to use my experience, having gone through this twice before, and benefit from the research I have done since. Then you can actually understand what's involved and feel a massive sense of relief, knowing that it's not as scary as it first seems.

Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave is designed to apply examples and calculations that suit your situation, in order for you to receive the money you’re entitled to.

I want you to get answers to your questions straight away - not after waiting in a long queue or after you've been left on hold for hours. 

Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave

Download the eBook for $17. 



"I found this book very useful when preparing my application for the mat leave and payments. I also used it to discuss the arrangements with my husband. Having the right information at hand helped us to get the application in quickly and get approval shortly after. Thank you!"



"I needed a quick guide on how to apply for ppl. This book outlined everything perfectly. Easy to understand and follow guide. Better than navigating the confusing government website."

This may be your only source of income - so you want to get this right.

Not everyone has access to maternity leave pay from their employer. Almost half of the time the only income that one parent brings during maternity leave is the 18 weeks of government Paid Parental Leave. You don't just want to get this right - you need to get it right. 

But you don't need a haphazard visit to Centrelink either. Will the Centrelink staff really be able to take the time to explain it all in detail to you?

Do I really meet the work test?

Can I do a few hours of work while on leave?

Do I get it twice for twins?

What if I'm self-employed?

Everyone is different and your situation most likely doesn't quite look like everyone else's. What you need is someone to help you work out how YOUR situation can affect your payments and someone to quickly answer your questions.

Have you already wasted hours trying to apply for Paid Parental Leave?

It’s not you; it’s the confusing process.

Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave will take you through the process in an easy and simple way, step by step, quickly and efficiently - after all there is nesting and a baby to focus on!

Worried about getting things wrong?

Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave contains tips on the best way to do things, but also it tells you all the things that you shouldn't do so that you don't lose your payments before they are finished. 

What happens next?

Once you put in your email address and payment details, you’ll receive an email with the link to download Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave as a .pdf file.

You can pay with Paypal or with a credit card - no waiting for the mail, the information will be in your inbox straight away.

Save it to your computer – or even better, print it out and have it next to you as you complete the application form.

Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave

Get the answers you need straight away by purchasing the eBook for $17. 

"Dear pregnant First-time Mum: I totally get you and I help you get past your feelings of overwhelm when applying for Paid Parental Leave so that you can understand what you need to know to receive the money that you are entitled to."