by lisa levison

July 5, 2020

Flexible PPL

What you need to know?

If your baby was born after 1 July 2020 you will be eligible for 12 weeks of PPL and then 6 weeks of Flexible PPL. 

Centrelink will contact you by 14 September 2020 (end of 12 weeks) to ask you the following:

  • if you want to add your 6 weeks of flexible PPL directly on to the end of the 12 weeks you have already taken. In this case you will continue to receive your PPL in the same way for a total of 18 weeks
  • if you want to take the remaining 30 days in a more flexible way. You have the option to arrange your PPL in a way that best suits you. It may be on a regular weekly schedule, or it could be completely haphazard.

You cannot apply for a Flexible PPL day more than 42 days before the day occurs.

Centrelink have  said that you will apply through myGov although the specific details are still outstanding.

Keep checking this page for further updates and refer here for an explanation of the changes. 

Where should you start with applying for Paid Parental Leave? Here with your free checklist:

I have created a free checklist for you to download. It will help you to gather the exact information you will need when you sit down and prepare your application. Enter your details below and the PPL Checklist will be emailed to you.

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