by lisa levison

September 18, 2016

Do you use Centrelink’s phone Apps?

Personally I prefer them over logging into myGov all the time from my computer. Currently there are two apps that are pretty much doing to same thing:

  1. Express Plus Families App
  2. Express Plus Centrelink App

Centrelink have announced recently that the Families App will be retired on 26 September.

If this is the only App you currently use then I would encourage you to now download the Centrelink App.  If you log into the old App you will actually be prompted to download the new Centrelink App.

Also, I found it easily in the App Store on my iphone by searching for ‘Centrelink.’ It is also on Google Play, but not the Microsoft Windows Store. Your PIN will remain the same in the new App, but if you have been using the Vault feature to store documents, these will disappear unless you email or print them.

What do I use the most on the Centrelink App?
  1. Locating CRN numbers

If you tap on ‘Personal’ it will bring up your basic information such as Date of Birth, YOUR CRN  and also your CAN. It also tells you what payments you are approved for.  An approval for ‘CCB for Approved Care’ means you are also receiving the CCR. If you tap on ‘My Family’ it will list your children that have been included in a Centrelink registration and it will include their Date of Birth and CRN.

  1. Looking up how much of the Childcare Rebate I have used

If you tap on ‘Menu’ and ‘Childcare’ you will see everything that is relevant to your CCB/CCR with each child. A summary of how much CCB and CCR they have received in the current financial year, your CCB percentage and a weekly summary of your child’s attendance at childcare with the fees for that week.




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