Who am I?

I’m an accountant and a mum of two. When my son was born I remember staying up late trying to submit my application for Paid Parental Leave and I couldn’t understand why it was so damn difficult. I’m an Accountant, I should walk all over this! Turns out I’m not the only one who has been driven bloody mad trying to work it all out.

Second time around was much easier. I understood what I was doing and what I could do to get the best results for my situation. As time went on, I noticed that every time a friend was sharing their frustration with me about the Paid Parental Leave process, I realised that I was helping them with every step along the way. Sometimes it even saved them a trip into Centrelink.

With the feedback rolling in from my friends, and even my own husband, I began to see that I had a lot of knowledge on the subject but, more than that, I had a knack for making it...... simple. 

I've gone through the websites, expended hours researching it all and I have read the legislation. I now have the solution to avoid all the stress and drama with getting your application completed and get you the money that you are entitled to

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