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Paid Parental Leave

Dad and Partner Pay 

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You’ve been sitting at your computer for hours, it’s late and all that sitting is making your back hurt even more. The application for Paid Parental Leave is still not making sense and you are going from page to page trying to figure it out by yourself. The more information that your read, the less sense it makes.

You know you need this income while you’re not working, but you can’t work out if you even qualify for it. The website might as well be in another language and you don’t have the hours to spend on hold to Centrelink.

Don’t waste your time trying to do this by yourself because I’ve worked it all out for you.

I’ve sat where you are right now and as a parent and an accountant, I know exactly what you need to do so you can get your money for Paid Parental Leave and Dad & Partner Pay.

Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave is a downloadable guidebook that helps you get these payments sorted fast. Because we only want to spend quality time with our kids, not stressed about paperwork and having no money.

You think you’re an organised person. You know you can apply for Paid Parental Leave up to 90 days before your due date and since you’ve finished up at work you have lots of time to tick that one off your to do list. Surely it can’t be that hard? You sit down at the computer, expecting to get it done in about 15 minutes, but after 2 hours you’re still at it.

‘But I was selecting Parenting Payments – isn’t that the same as Paid Parental Leave?’

‘Why oh why are they asking me for so much information, I don’t have this stuff ready.’

‘Why isn’t my application progressing? Oh it’s too hard. I’ll go into Centrelink, it will be much easier.’

Not to be outdone by a website, you go in to Centrelink - you and all eight and a half months of belly. They tell you to sit and wait and when your name is finally called…. they direct you to a computer to do your application online. You dragged yourself off the couch for this!!!!!!

Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave can direct you through the entire application process, so you won’t need to get up of your couch to get your application in to Centrelink.


About The Author

Lisa Levison

I’m Lisa, an accountant and a mum of two. When my son was born I remember how stressed I was trying to submit my application for Paid Parental Leave. I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult. I’m an accountant – surely I should find it simple! I’ve discovered I’m not alone.

By the time I went through the process with my second child I was a lot more on top of it. I had figured out what most things meant, and how to make it work for me – especially the childcare payments.

I've written Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave to give everyone the use of my experiences and the benefit of the hours of research I have done. Either through the reading of legislation or all the detailed  information provided by Centrelink. I’ve put everything you need in one place.

I’ve designed it as a workbook allowing you to input your own information and apply it to your specific situation. Plus examples of how to use the system to produce the best results to get what you’re entitled to.

I know by the time you get to the end of my guide, you will have all of your questions answered and have you application submitted without the stress.

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What You'll Learn

Lots of Information
Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave is your guidebook with both a summary and detailed explanations of what Paid Parental Leave and Dad & Partner Pay actually include.
Know what you get
Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave helps you to really understand what income you receive. This knowledge can help you plan better for your time off work.
Help to Apply
Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave has actual step by step instructions how to apply so you don’t get stuck wasting hours of your time
Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave is downloadable. That means you can get started straight away.

What's Inside?

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Paid Parental Leave

• Understand the Work Test • Self Employed • Steps to apply • How you receive it

Dad & Partner Pay

• What is it • Who can apply • Why it is different from Paid Parental Leave

Still to come - Childcare Subsidy

• What is an Activity • Income Test • Steps to Apply (available soon)

Save time and get the money you're entitled to $17

Spending hours trying to apply for Paid Parental Leave?

It’s not you; it’s a confusing process. Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave will take you through the process step by step

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Save time and get the money you're entitled to $17

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