Discover new ways to spend less when having a baby.

From product reviews to fully Understanding Paid Parental Leave and the Childcare Subsidy - I've got you covered.

Paid Parental Leave

It's your first question - 'how am I going to afford to take time off work??' The second question is then 'do I qualify for Paid Parental Leave?' Find out all about the latest changes to help you navigate this helpful government payment. 

Childcare Subsidy

There are many factors involved in calculating if you qualify for the subsidy and how much you receive. Find information to help you figure out all the details and how they apply to you.

... and more.

Babies are expensive! Add to that a possible reduction in income due to a parent no longer working full time. Find ideas of ways that you can help you family budget. Many are things that no ones tells you!

Apply for Paid Parental Leave faster - download the checklist that will give you every piece of information you need BEFORE you start the application!

making sense of paid parental leave eBook

The only resource you need when applying for the payments you are entitled to

This ebook is your essential manual for anyone about to apply for Paid Parental Leave. My goal was to write this manual so that you to have all the information needed to avoid a trip into Centrelink or spending hours on hold on the phone.

There's no need to waste your time trying to figure it all out for yourself as I've done that for you in a detailed, yet easy to understand guide.

about me

Lisa Levison


I've written Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave to give everyone the use of my experiences and the benefit of the hours of research I have done. Either through the reading of legislation or all the detailed  information provided by Centrelink. I’ve put everything you need in one place.

I know by the time you get to the end of my guide, you will have all of your questions answered and have you application submitted without the stress.


Feedback on Making Sense of Paid Parental Leave eBook

"I found this book very useful when preparing my application for the mat leave and payments. I also used it to discuss the arrangements with my husband. Having the right information at hand helped us to get the application in quickly and get approval shortly after. Thank you!"



"I needed a quick guide on how to apply for ppl. This book outlined everything perfectly. Easy to understand and follow guide. Better than navigating the confusing government website."



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